1. T-Rex: If I would have started this blog a month ago, Rex wouldn’t have made my top 5 but lately Rex has been on a killing spree. Rex has gone on the road and put on several impressive performances. His most recent battle with Arsonal put Rex in my top 5 and he’s jumped to the number one spot.

Hollow Da Don (on the left) vs. Hitman Holla

2. Hollow Da Don: I’m a big fan of Hollow and if I would have started this blog a month ago I would have had him as number 1. However, Hollow has been on hiatus and is not as active as T-Rex, but Hollow when he does battle always puts on a performance. Since losing to Arsonal at the Fight Club, Hollow has been on a killing spree but jail time and lack of opponents have dimmed his star. Whenever Hollow jumps back in the ring I expect him to put on a performance to get back to the top spot.

Aye Verb aka Captain Marketable

3. Aye Verb: Seriously, where the hell has this Verb been at? His performance versus Hitman Holla was a work of art and that ending (“That’s the way you talk to your son”) was the best I have heard in years. Before the Hitman battle I had Verb in my top 10 because his performance versus O-Red was nice, but I had to put him in the top 3 after that show he put on against Hitman.


4. Dizaster: I struggled with including Diz in my top 5, because he is so damn hit or miss with his bars. He put on a very good performance against DNA, and Swave Sevah but he has battled some lesser know opponents who were able to get a round against him. If I would to rank off potential Diz would easily be #2 because he is capable of putting together excellent performances.


5. Illmaculate: I wish more people from the SMACK/URL circuit knew about Illmac because I feel like he is one of the best to ever do it. The reason he isn’t higher is because he gives sloppy performances but when he is on his game he is tough to beat. I know Illmac has been scheduled to face Arsonal and if that battle ever happens my advice to Illmac would be make sure your performance is clean. Arsonal is the one battle rapper who can make someone a relevant name in the SMACK/URL circuit.

Well that is my top 5 as of now.